who am i?

Welcome, I'm shai                                based in london.


as a self taught artist MY WORK is centered around MY passion for storytelling combined with my Ghanaian + British culture. I create the type of artwork i dreamed of seeing growing up, as i rarely saw art / artists that looked like me. Each piece vibrantly embodies different aspects of black culture and our experiences alongside fantasy and celestial components.

part of my motivation to create is to help break the stigma around creative jobs, as they are often not accepted as a career path choice within our community. if my art can inspire or encourage at least one person to pursue their talent, then i've fulfilled a portion of my purpose as an artist.

a digital painter



Digital paintings



if you have any questions for me please fill out the form below + I'll get back to you within 48 hours. for business enquires please email me directly on info@shaidigital.co.uk